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Pratheek Kunder
Royal Enfield has revealed its most anticipated bike ever – the Himalayan 452. The reveal has come in the form of new videos on YouTube and also through some social media channels. After going through most of the video, it is clear that the brand has upgraded the Himalayan in a big way. In this story, we tell you five things the company has revealed about the soon-to-be-launched Himalayan 452. 
The new Himalayan 452 retains some styling bits from the Himalayan 411, but most of the design elements are unique and purposeful. The motorcycle looks quite versatile and rugged, and with the white paint scheme, it showcases its Himalayan connection. Overall, the bike has a good road presence, but this can only be confirmed when we see the bike in person. 
Instrument Cluster 
The Himalayan 452 gets a circular instrument cluster, which is all digital. The videos clearly show that the top half of the screen can be used for GPS navigation, whereas the lower half has all the ride data. This screen does look quite interesting, as the overall layout is well laid out, and the fonts are easily legible.  
Tubeless spoke wheels 
Royal Enfield is planning to offer this ADV with tubeless spoke wheels. Some of the test bikes were seen with these wheels, and the brand could offer this setup as a different model, as the price of tubeless spoke wheels is comparatively more expensive.  
Cycle parts 
The Himalayan 452 will get non-adjustable upside-down forks and a seven-step preload adjustability setup at the back. The tyres are from CEAT, but they look like a newer version of the Gripp. The handguards will come standard, just like the USB charging.   
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