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Royal Enfield has just released another teaser video showing the upcoming Himalayan 450 undergoing some off-road testing
THE Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is edging ever closer, as the Indian factory releases yet another teaser video showing the machine undergoing some off-road testing.
It literally is a case of blink and you’ll miss it on this one, and while we are assuming the bike shown is indeed the new 450 version of the quirky adventure bike, it only really appears for seconds at a time, making ID’ing the bike a bit of a problem.
What we do now know is that a launch of the bike will be taking place this October, with the coordinates shown on the screengrab above providing the location for the reveal. The numbers point to the town of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, a town in the shadow of the Himalayan mountains and the town where the original Himalayan model was revealed.

Until then, firm stats and specs are unknown, although there is talk that the new 450cc single cylinder is going to significantly boosts the bike’s peak power, with some sources pointing to a near doubling of the original machine’s 24bhp. the bike has also being spotted out on the roads of India undergoing testing, and these sightings have revealed a move to proper USD forks, along with numerous chassis and technological tweaks.
With October not being far away, we should be getting some confirmed stats and specs for the model arriving soon, as soon as we are able to we’ll be bringing you all the important information on the new 450.
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Royal Enfield has finally revealed for the first time its 450 Himalayan in a video released on Instagram.
The Himalayan has been around for a while now, and it seems like almost as long that a 450 version has been rumoured. We know a bit about it by now, but the Indian manufacturer has finally made it official with a video posted to Instagram. 
The video does not reveal too much about the bike, and in truth Enfield does not even mention the word “Himalayan”, or “450”, in a caption or in the video. But, it is clear. 
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The singular round headlamp wading through a flooded, muddy trail can only mean a Himalayan, and the text “Testing 1, 2, 3” indicates something major. 

So, we can assume with some certainty that this is a first ‘official’ public display of the 450 Himalayan from Royal Enfield

About its specs, Motociclismo reports a likely power output somewhere around the 40 horsepower mark, and torque of 45Nm. That puts the 450 way ahead of the 24.5 horsepower, 32Nm standard Himalayan with the 411cc engine. 
Additionally, the seat is longer than the 411 Himalayan (or the 411 Scram, for that matter), with a dipped saddle, and the suspension is revised. An inverted fork at the front is paired with a singular rear shock absorber which will be necessarily recalibrated to handle the additional power of the 450 compared to the previous Himalayan.
Electronic changes could also be on the cards, with dual-channel ABS, ride-by-wire throttle and a new digital dashboard.
One thing which will remain the same for the Himalayan 450 is the size of the wheels, which will be 21 inches at the front, and 17 at the rear. 

Finally, despite the video from Enfield, we still do not have a release date for the Himalayan 450, or a price, or an official range of colours, although from the video it would be fair to assume that one of the paint options will be black.

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