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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was recently spotted with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, at the popular music festival Coachella in California. Not just his presence at the event but his fashion choice too made headlines. Bezos, according to a Twitter user, wore a $15 shirt from Amazon, and social media users quickly reacted to the post comparing his outfit with that listed on the e-commerce website. A few even praised him for his fashion sense.
“Absolutely love that Bezos went to Coachella and did the same thing I would do – wore a $15 Hawaiian shirt from Amazon,” wrote Sheel Mohnot, co-founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, a company that leads pre-seed and seed rounds in fintech companies globally. Alongside, he shared a picture of Bezos and a screenshot of Amazon’s website.
The first picture is of Bezos sporting a floral and butterfly-printed shirt. And the second shows a similar shirt listed for a little over $15 on Amazon’s website.
Since being shared two days ago on Twitter, the post has accumulated over 9.9 lakh views and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share has also received over 3,500 likes and a flurry of comments from netizens. While some users pointed out the differences in the design, others praised Bezos for knowing the value of a dollar despite his immense wealth.
“Doesn’t look exactly the same,” commented a Twitter user. To this, Mohnot replied, “A lesson for Jeff: The shirt you buy on amazon from a seller called Buzhidao may not look exactly like it does in the listing.” Another expressed, “If you look at exact images like the placement of a butterfly, the shirt has a slightly different design than the image.” “They really are just like us,” wrote a third. A fourth added, “When you’re worth 100 Billion but still know the value of a dollar.” “Dude went into his warehouse and picked out a fit quick quick,” posted a fifth.
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