North Carolina teen left ‘unrecognizable’ after dangerous TikTok challenge – Hindustan Times

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A TikTok challenge went awry when a group of teens in North Carolina tried to create a makeshift torch using a spray paint can and a lighter. The stunt triggered an explosion that engulfed the boys in flames, severely burning 16-year-old Mason Dark. His mother, Holli Dark, said her son suffered burns covering nearly 80% of his body and is now unrecognizable.
The challenge, which involves using flammable aerosols to create miniature flamethrowers, has caused several injuries and prompted warnings from authorities. In this case, instead of fanning out the flame, the can exploded, leaving Mason with third-degree burns on his back after ripping off his burning shirt. Attempting to soothe the burns in a nearby river only made his condition worse, as the water increased the risk of infection.
Mason was rushed to the UNC Burn Center with burns covering 76% of his body, where he has already undergone several surgeries to receive skin grafts. His mother said the process is slow, but they are hopeful that his skin will heal over time.
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The active football player and track runner will spend the next six months at the burn center. This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of participating in viral challenges, especially those involving flammable substances.







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