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India has an unbelievable cricketing talent and Indian Premier League (IPL) is a stage where this talent gets its rightful due. Every season we see cricket stars making a name for themselves in the tournament, some pull off this fame consistently and get the chance to wear that blue jersey, while some remain restricted to the IPL. One such magical talent that made headlines this season is Rinku Singh, who even forced LSG’s Gautam Gambhir to appreciate his talent.
In a last bowl thriller, LSG defeated KKR on Saturday by one run. The batting line-up of the team just collapsed and it was Rinku Singh who kept the hopes high and gave chills to the strong bowling attack of the LSG. Whether it was Naveen-ul-Haq or Yash Thakur, Rinku Singh completely derailed the bowling of LSG and remained undefeated at 67 runs.
LSG’s coach Gautam Gambhir who is usually very protective of this team and its players, couldn’t help himself to praise Rinku Singh over his performance. “What an effort by Rinku today! Sensational talent!,” Gautam Gambhir said on Twitter.
LSG skipper Krunal Pandya also praised Rinku Singh and said that he has been special this year.
“Rinku has been special this year, every game when he’s there you can’t take it easy. Today he showed it again, but it is a high-pressure situation while bowling death overs to execute our plans,” added LSG skipper Krunal Pandya.
KKR skipper Nitish Rana expressed pride in the abilities of Rinku Singh and said the entire world has seen what he can do on a cricket field.
“Feels like all 14 matches, I’ve spoken about Rinku. I am personally very happy for him (Rinku) and I don’t really have words to describe about him because the entire world has seen what he can do on a cricket field,” said KKR captain Nitish Rana.
The 2023 IPL season has been magical for Rinku Singh, especially after that game against Gujarat Titans (GT) where he smashed five sixes in the last over to snatch away the victory for KKR. Rinku Singh has scored a total of 474 runs this year, which includes 4 half-centuries. This is a massive improvement from the previous year when he scored 251 runs without securing any half-century.
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