Women design rangolis similar to their sarees, video wows Harsh Goenka – Hindustan Times

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It’s festival season and rangoli competitions are taking place in a full swing nationwide. RPG Group Chairperson Harsh Goenka, known for sharing interesting posts and tweets, recently took to Twitter to share a video of a unique rangoli competition in which women can be seen standing next to rangolis inspired by the designs on clothes they are wearing.
“Unique rangoli competition…amazing to see the crafts of our people!” wrote Harsh Goenka while sharing the video on Twitter. The video shows the brilliant artworks of women participating in the rangoli competition. They are seen standing next to beautiful rangolis designed just like the patterns and motifs on their dupattas and pallus of their sarees.
Watch the video below:
Since being shared a day ago, the video has raked up 32,000 views and several retweets. People also commented to share their thoughts on the creativity of the participants.
“Super talented ladies. Each Rangoli is mind-blowing.” expressed a user. Another posted, “Very nice theme! Creativity knows no bounds.” A third commented, “Astounded! The competitors are so unique that the judge will have a difficult time deciding the winner.” “Extraordinary creativity,” expressed a fourth.
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