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Anuj Mishra
Royal Enfield is one of the most successful manufacturers of modern-classic motorcycles for years now and that’s evident in its sales numbers almost every month. January, for instance, turned out to be a great month for the brand with some healthy sales numbers, especially for the Classic 350 and the Hunter 350. To give you exact numbers, here are the five highest-selling Royal Enfield motorcycles in the last month.
With sales of 3,190 units, the Himalayan adventure tourer stood at the fifth spot in this list. Notably, the sales of the bike dropped considerably over the corresponding month last year when RE sold 6,839 units of the motorcycle. The imminent launch of the more premium Himalayan 450 is likely to be the reason for this decline as a lot of Himalayan’s potential buyers might be waiting for the 450cc iteration. 
Preceding the Himalayan in this list is the Meteor 350 cruiser which registered sales of 5,492 units in January 2023. Similar to the ADV, the sales of the Meteor too have gone down from 9,092 units in the same month last year. However, the reason for the downfall here could be the introduction of the Hunter 350 last year which seems to be eating into the sales of most other REs as well.
The standard and Electra variants of the Bullet 350 garnered sales of 12,364 units last month. Notably, this is the longest-running model in Royal Enfield’s portfolio and continues to be quite popular amongst the masses. Also, the Bullet is yet to be updated with RE’s new J platform and it is likely to happen early next year. 
The Hunter 350 was launched in August 2022 in India and the bike’s sales are on a consistent rise since then. So much so that its sales numbers are getting closer to the Classic 350 which has been the best-selling RE for years now. Raking in sales of 19,000 units last month, the Hunter 350 was just 3,525 units short of matching the Classic’s sales. 
The Classic 350 continued its streak of being the highest-selling Royal Enfield in India with sales of 22,525 units last month. The Classic has been one of the most important products for the brand since its inception as it majorly aided the brand’s comeback a few years ago. The motorcycle received its most significant update in 2021 which ironed out most of the issues its predecessor had. 
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