'Like MS Dhoni': Cricket fans praise Sanju Samson for thwarting Hardik Pandya's sledging attempt | Mint – Mint

Rajasthan Royals skipper Sanju Samson is increasingly gaining popularity with some great performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The team is doing exceptionally well under his command and Samson’s cool and calm approach is also being compared to the style of legend MS Dhoni. While playing against the defending champions Gujarat Titans, Samson displayed that calm mind even when Hardik Pandya attempted to touch his nerve through some sledging.
Sanju Samson didn’t even appear to pay any attention to the comments by Pandya and played some very beautiful knocks after the exchange. Against Rashid Khan’s dangerous spin, the RR skipper smashed three beautiful sixes.
“After getting the first six, I wanted to make that a big over. I do not like to keep the game for the end especially when I know that we are in a tough situation. I did not want it to get worse,” Samson said after the match.
“I was not thinking anything, I just watch the ball and if it is a short ball, I go for a cut and if it is a full-length ball then I go straight. I kept it really blank but with positive intent.” Samson added.
In a post-match interaction, Hardik Pandya said that he did not expect GT to lose especially after they picked up crucial wickets of Jos Buttler and Yashasvi Jaiswal in powerplay.
“To be honest no (did not expect the loss after the powerplay), but that is the beauty of this game. The game is never over till it is over, another lesson for us. (on Noor Ahmad) He is someone who is difficult to pick, got us the big breakthrough but the other bowlers did not execute. It is a very long tournament A lot of matches left, we still need to play a lot of group cricket even if we had won today. (On Gujarat’s score) I felt short. After I got out, they bowled a couple of good overs, but we should have gone a little harder and got to 200. We did cover it well but when I was watching from outside, I did feel that we were 10 runs short,” said Pandya in a post-match presentation.
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