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Royal Enfield’s Himalayan has developed a reputation as a solid adventure bike, with modest performance and a travel-friendly design. But what if you want to spice your ride up a bit? Most of us would add luggage, maybe some handguards and heated grips, that sort of thing.
The custom builders at Motoexotica, a shop in India, took a much different approach:

The YouTube description lists the following updates:
Very cool, and much more in-depth work than most people would sink into Himalayan. Why go the extra mile (or a lot further)? India’s custom shops are a lot more interested in Royal Enfields than builders in other countries. In this case, Motoexotica (based in the town of Dehradun and founded in 2013) was happy to flex its prototyping center to put this unique custom together.

Royal Enfield actually brought this custom bike to its Rider Mania brand appreciation event in India, but we haven’t heard of anyone who got to ride it—but if by any chance an inmate happened to be at that event and rode this machine (highly unlikely!), we’d love to know how much of a difference the updated camshaft and ECU and the big bore kit made, along with that WP suspension.
Of course, Royal Enfield is expected to release its own improved take on the Himalayan in the very near future. We doubt its improvements will be anywhere close to what’s on this bike, though!







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