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"First for what it is. É a great club, as well as the people who are part of it.   global in nature. I am very happy to be here."

" knew him from the past. I played for him in the national team. É It’s true that I know him a little bit, but everyone knows that he’s the best. a top coach!"

"     earn as much as possible and fight for everything we play. Because I know this team and this squad can do it.   a very good squad, only I’ve been hearing positive things and I think we can achieve great things together."

"I would say that I am a goalkeeper with a lot of personality, a lot of character. I’m not afraid of anything. And I think I’m a very agile goalkeeper, very comfortable with the ball at my feet.   I want to train and learn.”

" It’s complicated what happened to him and his family. Of course, I want to send him my unconditional support. É It is a difficult time for them and we need to be as positive as possible. So I want to send my thoughts to all of your family. I am sending them all my strength."

"Yes, of course. I can’t wait to get on the field. I know the atmosphere, is it? amazing. I can’t wait to meet all the fans.”

"Yes, I want to say that I look forward to seeing you all.   to be part of PSG. I’ve heard great things about you. I can’t wait to see them in the stadium and above all we will do everything to win.”

He touched on his first conversations with Simone Inzaghi and Lautaro Martinez.

“Without many words, but they gave me confidence, “we need you, you’ it will help us a lot’, I’m told.”

“Football is the best game in the world. football everywhere, especially at a high level. But here there is football. more attention to the tactical aspect, that I already know. I knew it, now I felt it with my own hands.”

“ the role I prefer, for my game is better. I can stay close to the goal, attack the space, score goals, in short, my job.”

He was asked if he understood the importance of the number 9 shirt at Inter.

“I don’t care much.  Do you know why? When do you know why? If you wear Inter’s shirt, what matters are the colors, not the number.

“Even if you don’ choose 99, 8 or 7, it would have been the same, you would have You still have a big responsibility on you.  I changed many numbers in my career, the 9 was free and I got it without delay.”

“Since I said that I have grown, as a player and as a person.  I’m saying that Lukaku and I are different. I respect him, but I’m different, we are very different”.

"Certainly. It was a Milan-Juventus, Juve won with a goal by Trezeguet after a bicycle kick by Del Piero.”

“ Have you ever imagined wearing this shirt? two years. And then I’ll tell you, Inter and its directors were very close to me even after the injury, they consoled me. I hadn’t forgotten that.”

“And so now it was natural to choose them. Having the chance to start over what fate took away from me a long time ago. two years: amazing.”

“Eh, Milan fans are going to be mad at me… But it doesn’t matter! Everyone makes their own choices, I know why I did it.

“I am not worried about the boos that will come my way.  It’s a classic anyway, they would have come anyway.”

“No, he is. very reserved, not my age! I hope he comes, I’m waiting for him, but he never speaks…”

“No, not for a minute.  Do you know why? Because the moment it becomes a thought in the choice, it means that the racists are already there. won.”

He was asked if he would take a knee in response to racism again.

“If I have to say or do something, I won’t back down. But I sincerely hope there is no need to.”

“I knew his quality. But seeing it up close is amazing. impressive.   Even stronger than I thought he is. very mature, we are the same age. I’m happy to play with him.”

“I work for this.   When a season begins, it is always to do better than in the past, right?”







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