Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: It's Just A Matter Of (Very Little) Time? – ADVrider

The photos have been popping up online for months, but they’ve really picked up intensity lately! I’m referring to so-called “spy shots” of a new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, an updated version of the current single-cylinder adventure bike.
Of course, spy shots are often not the work of spies at all, but clever marketing. This isn’t always the case, but some photos are so obviously staged that it’s hard to take them seriously as spy shots.
It’s hard to say either way with these latest snaps of the big-bored Royal Enfield Himalayan (see ’em here at MCN). The machine is certainly very close to being ready to reveal officially to the public, though. Take a look at the shots and the bike itself appears mostly fit-together. There’s a big box on the tail rack, which almost certainly contains ride dynamic data logging equipment, with wires snaking all over the machine that probably feed telemetrics back to that box. Royal Enfield will use that information to fine-tune ABS and other electronic systems.
The new engine will be liquid-cooled and reportedly feature a DOHC, four-valve top end makes almost double the horsepower of the older air/oil-cooled Himalayan, which makes 24ish hp from a 411cc single. The new bike appears to be very much built in the same style as the first-gen Himmy, with 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear, crash bar/luggage racks on the tank, and even a sari guard on the rear wheel. In other words: It’s made for practical, utilitarian use.

Royal Enfield has been working on this new machine since 2021, if not even earlier. We would expect to see the new Himalayan debut later this year, and a scrambler-style version with 19-17 wheels to come along 12-18 months later.







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