Rohit Sharma played Pakistani bowlers 'like PlayStation': Hardik Pandya | Mint – Mint

India captain Rohit Sharma has been in sublime form at the ICC World Cup 2023. Just as he did in the previous edition, where he scored 5 hundreds, he has started the 2023 edition on a high with a century against Afghanistan and just missed another against arch-rivals Pakistan on Saturday.
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India had already restricted Pakistan to 191 runs when the Men in Blue, led by Rohit at the top of the order, unleashed a carnage from the start of the innings and never let their opponents get back into the game. By the time Rohit was out on 86, India were all but assured of a hat-trick of ODI World Cup victories.
Rohit is the third highest run scorer in this edition of the Fifty Over World Cup with 217 runs at an average of 72.33 and a strike rate of 141.83. Rohit is just behind New Zealand’s Devon Conway (229) and Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan (248).
While spectators and cricket pundits have been shocked and awe-struck by Rohit’s explosive batting. The admiration has even spread within the team, with fellow all-rounder Hardik Pandya saying that Rohit’s makes batting look like PlayStation cricket.
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In a video shared by the BCCI, Hardik asked Rohit about his ‘PlayStation-like’ batting, to which the skipper replied, “I have been trying to bat like this in the last two years. The wickets are so good so I want to play my shots. I know I missed out on a hundred today”
Asked about his incredible batting prowess or if it had anything to do with his bat, Rohit replied,“Bat nahi bhai power hai (It’s not about the bat, it’s about my power)”
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