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Ivana Edwards
-Mirrors will be attached to the fork below the handlebar
-Will make its way to the CB1000R successor
The Japanese motorcycle giant, Honda, has taken an inventive step to revolutionise mirror placement. It has filed a patent application in several global markets for a design that departs significantly from conventional setups. The essence of the concept lies in the strategic positioning of the mirrors underneath the handlebars, attached to the fork just below the top triple clamp. 
While it might be assumed that rearview cameras would eventually replace mirrors, the enduring simplicity and adaptability of mirrors remain unbeatable. Cameras and display systems encounter difficulties in adjusting to varying light conditions, and their fixed field of view restricts their ability to adjust for better visibility. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of mirrors and regulatory hurdles across different regions further solidify the continued use of traditional mirrors in the foreseeable future.
As the patent filing outlines, three pivotal advantages underscore this novel design. Most crucial among these is the notable enhancement in visibility. While mirrors positioned beneath the handlebars are not entirely new (aftermarket bar-end mirrors have explored this configuration), Honda’s innovation advances this by positioning the mirrors slightly more forward, ensuring they remain within the rider’s line of sight over the handlebars. The pivotal benefit here is that the reflected image in the mirrors lies below the level of the rider’s arms and elbows. As a result, this positioning eliminates obstructed views, which is a prevalent issue with traditional mirror setups.
This concept has already been implemented in the Japan-exclusive Hawk 11 Cafe Racer, which draws inspiration from the Africa Twin‘s mechanics. However, the Hawk’s mirrors are mounted on the fairing, thus missing out on the additional benefits offered by Honda’s new patent application.
Honda has already incorporated it into upcoming motorcycle models currently under development. One of the most popular models poised to benefit from this design is the anticipated successor to the CB1000R. Detailed patent illustrations of this model emerged last year, showcasing a bike based on the CBR1000RR’s chassis and engine, albeit with certain stylistic components replaced by generic placeholders. However, missing from these images were the detailed mirror designs, which suggests that the forthcoming CB1000R, projected to be a high-performance machine, could introduce this innovative underslung mirror concept.
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