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First, there were rumors, then, there were reports that Lionel Messi’s time with PSG is coming to an end. He was brought on to bring a championship to the French side, but that didn’t exactly go as planned. A decent season is not what the fans were looking for with a star player like Messi, and they are undoubtedly disappointed, not only in his performance, but in what they consider a lack of respect for the club.
Unfortunately, Messi’s time at PSG will end on a somewhat sour note. He was already receiving boos from the fans after a bout of poor performances. Now, it’s just become more sour. After the team lost to Lorient on Sunday, rather than stay with the team and practice the next day, Messi took an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. The trip was planned in advance, but they were not expecting to lose that game – a win would have given the team more time off. Regardless, Messi left for the trip and received a two-week, unpaid suspension.
Many PSG fans are more than ready for Messi to leave the club. Several pointed out that he’s too expensive to keep around without significant results and many others spoke to a “disrespect” for the club. Outside of the PSG headquarters, several fans gathered to protest with vulgar chants about Messi making their stance clear – they want him gone.
“You don’t miss training, especially after defeat,” said one fan at the protest. “He can play the last two games, against Clermont at the Parc de Princes, but I don’t want to see him anymore.”
“He’s old. It’s a big salary for nothing,” one fan commented. “We could take several young players in his place. He doesn’t dirty the shirt. He doesn’t know the history of the club.”
“I think the story has gone on long enough,” said another fan. “There have been enough problems with the club, I think it’s better for everyone that it ends here. It’s going to end on a bad note and a bad game, because he played a bad game against Lorient, like the whole team.”
“He brings nothing interesting on the field, no added value,” another fan commented. “He only sells jerseys. That’s not why we’re here. We want to win trophies.”
“The first thing for a player is to respect his club,” said another. “We can’t afford to keep a player who doesn’t respect us anymore. When you see what’s happening at PSG at the moment, it’s the last straw.
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The Portuguese coach is said to be negotiating a deal to link up with the French club for next season.
The Barcelona boss wouldn’t give his two cents on Lionel Messi’s PSG suspension following an unauthorized visit to Saudi Arabia.
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