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During the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season, teams would be allowed to announce their playing eleven after the toss instead of before it. The move will allow the introduction of the ‘Impact Player’. Each captain will nominate 11 players plus a maximum of 5 substitute fielders in writing to the IPL match referee after the toss.
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had tried the ‘Impact Player’ rule in its domestic tournaments before introducing it during the 2023 IPL season. At the same time, like in the Women’s Premier League (WPL), teams will be allowed to challenge wide and no-ball calls made by umpires under the Decision Review System (DRS).
There is a new umpire signal for the introduction of the impact player. They will clench their fists, and cross their hands above their heads.
How does an ‘Impact Player’ system, introduced in IPL, work? Read our explainer
Each captain will carry two team sheets while going for the toss. The idea has already been experimented during the SA20 (South Africa T20 league) tournament.Each captain will list 11 players plus a maximum of 5 substitute fielders after the toss.
The note further elaborates, “(i) playing XI and 5 subs if they bat first. (ii) playing XI and 5 subs if they bowl first. Please tick on the batting first box on the team sheet for your batting first playing XI and vice versa. Depending on the outcome of the toss, the captains will exchange the team sheets accordingly.”
The BCCI has also increased the playing squad on match days to 16, in order for teams to utilise the Impact Player optimally and also to account for the concussion replacement (if required) and fielding substitutes.
In another change of rule, teams will be allowed to review on-field decisions regarding wides or no-balls.

The note reads, “Currently, the Player Review can only be for Out and Not out decisions. It can now be used to review wides and no balls. The number of reviews available will be 2 unsuccessful reviews in each innings.”
In other changes, teams will incur a penalty if they don’t bowl their overs in the stipulated time. The fielding team will be allowed only four fielders outside the 30 yards, instead of the usual five, if it is tardy in going through the overs. This rule was in force during the T20 World Cup last year.
The board has also decided that ‘unfair’ movement by fielders will result in a ‘dead ball’ call by the umpire and five penalty runs will be imposed on the fielding team. Any ball that causes the striker to leave the pitch will also be deemed a no-ball, followed by a dead ball.
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