ICC World Cup 2023: Hardik Pandya's emotional response after World Cup exit; ‘Tough to digest’ | Mint – Mint

All-rounder Hardik Pandya has posted an emotional response on X (formerly Twitter) following his official exit from the ICC World Cup 2023. Pandya said that his departure from the World Cup squad was ” tough to digest” and that he would be with the team in spirit.
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Pandya’s departure from India’s World Cup squad was announced earlier today by the International Cricket Council. The 30-year-old has been replaced in the 15-man squad by right-arm pacer Prasidh Krishna following approval from the World Cup Technical Committee.
In the X post, Pandya wrote, “Tough to digest the fact that I will miss out on the remaining part of the World Cup. I’ll be with the team, in spirit, cheering them on every ball of every game. Thanks for all the wishes, the love, and the support has been incredible. This team is special and I’m sure we’ll make everyone proud. Love, always, HP”

How was Hardik Pandya injured? 

Pandya was injured while fielding off his own delivery in India’s fourth match of the World Cup against neighbours Bangladesh. Pandya injured his ankle on the third delivery of the over and was subsequently taken off without confirmation of his fitness. However, several media reports had claimed that Pandya could be fit before the knockout stages of the tournament begin.

What happens to India’s playing XI? 

With Pandya ruled out of the marquee event, Rohit and Co. are likely to stick with the 5 bowlers – 6 batter combination, which means Mohammed Shami and Surya Kumar Yadav are likely to retain their places in the coming matches, while Shardul Thakur may find it difficult to get back into the side.
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