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Royal Enfield, the global leader in the medium displacement motorcycle segment (250 cm3 – 750 cm3), today unveiled the new Himalayan at the EICMA 2023 Milan Motor Show in Italy. Based on the powertrain integrated into a newer, lighter and more technologically advanced Royal Enfield vehicle, the new Himalayan uses the new Sherpa 450 liquid-cooled engine and features a host of new integrated technological features that enhance the adventure experience on your new bike. Unveiled today to global audiences, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan will be launched in India before the end of the year, and will then be available in other regions.
Royal Enfield has a long association with the Himalayas, which has been the brand’s spiritual home and creative inspiration. The original Himalayan was inspired by the 60-year tradition of exploring the Himalayas on a motorcycle, and was created in the Himalayas. A specially designed, confidence-inspiring and competent go-anywhere bike, the Himalayan has repeatedly proven its worth as the ideal motorcycle for adventure riding in these incredible mountains. It has been the bike of choice for thousands of explorers around the world who have ridden it to cross a multitude of locations and terrains, thus creating a niche subcategory of adventure that is real, sensory and accessible. The new Himalayan represents an evolution, a development of this premise, taking it to another level.
Speaking about the brand’s connection to the mountains, and the inspiration for the new Himalayan, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors Ltd. said: “At Royal Enfield, we’ve had a strong connection to the Himalayas for over 60 years, and that led us to create the first Himalayan in 2016. We had fantastic feedback for a specially designed adventure bike, and that’s what encouraged us to launch a brand new Himalayan.
This bike has been designed with the new Sherpa 450 water-cooled engine, a 6-speed gearbox and is totally suited to the Himalayas. It has a single purpose: to do incredibly well in the unpredictable terrain and weather conditions of the Himalayas. 
We created this bike to be the best in the world in this field. We’ve developed the chassis and ergonomics to make it fantastic for adventure. It’s “the” bike you’ll need for any purpose, anywhere in the world, because if you can cross the Himalayas, you can beat anything in the world.
The Himalayas are an ever-changing landscape and exploring this region requires a change of plans at every step; from the different weather conditions to the unpredictable terrain and rivers that can be almost dry in the morning and the height of the mudguard at night. The new Himalayan has been designed to adapt to all these conditions, from the large air intake that prevents water from entering to the sturdy frame and luggage bars ready to take all the strain when things don’t go according to plan. The improvements to the original model were based on time spent in the seat, from epic journeys exploring the wildest mountains to riding in everyday situations. In addition, the bike was tested and developed by explorers, citizens of the world, experts and riders of all abilities in a wide variety of conditions, both on wilderness adventure trips and in controlled test centers in the UK, Spain and India. This testing program has resulted in a truly versatile bike that is ready for anything and puts a smile on the face of every rider, regardless of their skills.
Speaking about the insights behind the design of the new Himalayan and the development process of the motorcycle, CEO B Govindarajan said: “Before we started working on the new Himalayan, we rode with our consumers and spoke to citizens of the world, explorers and athletes. With the help of these insights and our own experience, we decided what critical DNA to keep and what we should evolve in the new Himalayan. The new Himalayan 450 features the Sherpa 450 liquid-cooled engine, the first of its kind from Royal Enfield. It’s also the first time we’ve had Ride-by-Wire functionality on our bike, which provides the ideal power and torque for challenging terrain. In addition, for the first time in collaboration with Google Maps, we have TripperDash with full map navigation. We rigorously tested this bike for over 5500 km, from 3 meters above sea level in Chennai to almost 5,800 meters above sea level in UmLing La. The new Himalayan is thus a combination of expert insights, new technology and true Royal Enfield DNA.”

For more information, visit the official Royal Enfield website.

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