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Official Debut Confirmed for November 7th
Royal Enfield has officially given us a look at their newest addition to the Himalayan range!
Technically, the Himalayan 450 (previously nicknamed the “452” after the bike’s power input) still has the BIG debut at the start of this year’s iteration of EICMA… but Royal Enfield couldn’t help but tease with a post to their website and social media page.
Our gander at the thing helps pinpoint what kind of ADV bike Royal Enfielders are getting for the coming seasons. Spoiler alert: Royal’s kind of crushing on BMW’s long-nosed GS Adventure aesthetic though we already know the inner workings of the thing will be a far cry from anything of Bavarian ilk.
In the accompanying video, we see a USD fork, as well as a chonky radiator and a smoother, larger gas tank to accompany the bike’s more curvaceous silhouette. A longer front mudguard also points to the additional fairing under the saddle (and the streamlined saddle design itself).
All of the above is being bounced off of the contents of a document purportedly leaked and published to ZigWheels; if the specs are correct, the Himalayan 450 will feature switchable ABS working tandem with a 451.65cc, liquid-cooled heart capable of roughly 40 mechanical horsepower (@ 8,000rpm) lugging around ~463lbs / ~210kg in kerb weight.
Wheelbase is set for 59.4” / 1,510mm, with 21” spoked wheels contributing to the tagline that this particular Himalayan is “built in the Himalayas;” in case you’re wondering how the 450’s visuals shore up against a 2023 Himalayan…
Time will tell how that particular phrasing carries forward; in the meantime, specs and pricing of this bike are still under wraps, so expect that information to stay more or less confidential until the Himalayan 450 shows its fairings for November 7th at EICMA 2023. 

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